Under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the parishioners of St. Catherine of Siena strive to live as committed disciples of Jesus Christ through prayer, education, fellowship, and charity.

Contact Information

Contact Cheryl Base, Pastor’s Office 678-385-9420 or cherylb@stcatherinercc.org
Baptism of Infants
Parents must attend one of the monthly baptism classes.  Classes are normally held on the 2nd Saturday of the month beginning at 9 am.  Preregistration is required.  Class attendance and all paperwork are required prior to scheduling baptism.  Contact the Church Office to schedule a date for the baptism 770-428-7139; sherie@stcatherinercc.org or anam@stcatherinercc.org.
Becoming Catholic
Those wishing to convert to Catholicism may inquire at any time of year to begin the process. Contact Cheryl Base at cherylb@stcatherinercc.org for more information.

All submissions for consideration for weekly bulletin must be submitted via email no later than noon Friday the week prior to publication.  Articles will be edited for content and length and subject Pastoral approval.  Send articles to bulletin@stcatherinercc.org.

To receive copies of baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage certificates, contact Main Office at 770-428-7139 or sherie@stcatherinercc.org or anam@stcatherinercc.org.

Elementary School
For enrollment information to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, contact Michelle Huval mhuval@scsiena.org or visit the website www.scsiena.org.
Contact Sacramental Emergency phone 770-703-9997
Funeral Planning Guide is available within this website.
Hispanic Office
Contact Yoana Lopez, yoanal@stcatherinercc.org or at 678-385-9401.
Home Schooling
Priya Johnson at 770-966-9298
Visit our Marriage Preparation Page and contact Cheryl Base, Pastor’s Office 678-385-9420 cherylb@stcatherinercc.org

Mass Cards/Prayer Requests

Contact Church Office 770-428-7139 or sherie@stcatherinercc.org or anam@stcatherinercc.org.
For enrollment information to the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Preschool, contact Karen Pickens at 770-590-0480 or preschool@stcatherinercc.org.
Room/Space Reservations
To reserve room(s) or space in Our Lady of Grace Building, the Church, Chapel or Narthex please email reservespace@stcatherinercc.org.

To reserve room(s) or space in the School, Herbert Hall/Gym, cafeteria, School kitchen or field, please email scheduling@scsiena.org.

Sacramental Emergency/Sick Calls ONLY
For clergy on duty, 770-703-9997
Sponsor Certificates
To download certificate to become a Godparent or Confirmation sponsor, please click Godparents, Confirmation Sponsors or contact the Church Office at  770-428-7139 or sherie@stcatherinercc.org or anam@stcatherinercc.org.
Volunteer Forms