Under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the parishioners of St. Catherine of Siena strive to live as committed disciples of Jesus Christ through prayer, education, fellowship, and charity.

Catechists & Volunteers

“Those who teach shine like stars forever.” Daniel 12:3

Thank you for your interest in serving the PSR Ministry. The primary goal of the Catechist is to model God’s love to others. The role of the Catechist and all PSR volunteers is a vital Ministry in the Church. Through your words and actions, the message of Jesus Christ continues as students grow in their faith. By creating lesson plans and spiritual experiences you ultimately design a “faith journey” that our children and teens carry with them into the faith community.

All PSR Catechists/Volunteers are called to teach and witness the Good News of Jesus Christ to our children and teens. We are looking for people who love their faith and want to pass on that faith to our young church. If you would like to teach or support those that will be teaching; we would love to have you be a part of our PSR family.

Catechist/Volunteer Form 2016-2017
Teen Volunteer Form 2016-2017

Volunteers who are currently unable to make a weekly commitment but would like to help occasionally or for certain events you can complete the online Volunteer Form when registering your child, or contact the Grade Level Coordinator

Please refer to the Catechist Addition Handbook for dates and times of Catechist Certification opportunities and events.

The Echoes of Faith Catechist Certification Program from RCL is available online at a cost of $15.00. This program offers all components needed for Archdiocesan Basic Certification. If you are interested; please email joanh@stcatherinercc.org and a link will be sent to you. The normal cost is $30.00, in order to get the discount a log-in and password will also be sent to you. This is a great opportunity to complete certification at your convenience.

Click here to enter a class, workshop, or webinar. You will receive a confirmation email and a copy will be sent to the PSR office to add to our data base. If you have any questions please email joanh@stcatherinercc.org

Basic log
Intermediate Log
Advanced Log


Catechist Addition Handbook 2016-2017
Online Catechist Teaching Resources
Words of the Week


As of July 1st, 2012 the State of Georgia redefined “child service organization personnel” in the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Law to include additional categories of people who are under the “mandatory reporting” list. Please read the updated Code of Conduct and Sexual Abuse Policy and make note of change.

If a child discloses any form of abuse to you, please read Procedures for Processing Allegations set forth by the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Please contact the Director of Religious Education immediately and together the Pastor of St. Catherine’s will be notified.

VOLUNTEER PAPERWORK is required to all working with children. An Archdiocesan background screening needs to be on file and current. (If new you will be notified on how to complete this process). The Human Resource Department of St. Catherine’s will send you a link to complete paperwork on the Archdiocesan Website.

Effective January 1st, 2016, the Archdiocese of Atlanta began utilizing VIRTUS- Protecting God’s Children for Safe Environment Training, which replaced the You Matter program. VIRTUS, offers a comprehensive program including Safe Environment training for adults, children and youth.

Volunteers from throughout the Archdiocese have been trained to facilitate this program. You, as a volunteer, can attend this training at St. Catherine’s, or anywhere within the Archdiocese to fulfill this requirement. St. Catherine’s has three Training Facilitators and will offer this training about once a month throughout the year.


  • Any NEW volunteer needs to attend in addition to completing background screening requirements. This VIRTUS training will replace the previous online video requirements.
  • Any CURRENT volunteer background check paperwork is expiring this year. We would recommend that all volunteers working with children attend a VIRTUS training.
  • Any individual who is planning as working as a PSR volunteer, as a Catechist, assistant Catechist or resource room, etc.