Under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the parishioners of St. Catherine of Siena strive to live as committed disciples of Jesus Christ through prayer, education, fellowship, and charity.

Liturgical Music and Choirs

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Rehearsals are on Wednesday—please contact us if you would like to join one of the choirs.

Sing to the Lord

God has bestowed upon his people the gift of song. God dwells within each human person, in the place where music takes its source. Indeed, God, the giver of song, is present whenever his people sing his praises. (Sing to the Lord, 1)

Our Mission

“Obedient to Christ and to the Church, we gather in liturgical assembly, week after week. As our predecessors did, we find ourselves “singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” with gratitude in [our] hearts to God.”  (Sing to the Lord, 5).  There is no better use of our musical gifts than to give them back to God in Worship and Praise. Facilitating that purpose is the Mission of the Music Department at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church.

Sanctuary Choir

“Choir members, like all liturgical ministers, should exercise their ministry with evident faith and should participate in the entire liturgical celebration, recognizing that they are servants of the Liturgy and members of the gathered assembly.”  (Sing to the Lord, 32).  The Sanctuary Choir sings a wide repertoire of Sacred Music enjoying the masterpieces of the greatest composers of our time and of times’ past, beginning with Gregorian Chant and Palestrina to Mozart and Rutter.  The Sanctuary choir is made up of adult musicians in every range, who have previous music experience and can read music proficiently. The Sanctuary Choir sings weekly for the 9 am Sunday Mass as well as Feast Days and special occasions. The Sanctuary Choir meets for rehearsal every Wednesday from 7-8:30 PM.  Contact Charissa Saenz for more information – music.saenz@gmail.com or 678.385.9444

The Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir was formed in 1997.  It consists of 4 octaves of handbells and 3 octaves of handchimes.  All musicians 14 years and older who have a sense of rhythm and timing, are welcome! The ability to read music is not required.  The Handbell choir plays on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday.  Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:45 in the Music room.  The Handbell Choir is led by Sara Mayberry who has been a member of St. Catherine’s Handbell Choir for 16 years. she was also a member of the Adult Choir for 3 years. Sara lives with her husband Ian and son Logan in Lithia Springs. For more information please contact Sara at  StCatherineHandbell@gmail.com or 770.286.1980

The Youth Choirs

The primary purpose of the Children’s Choir is to lead the congregation during Mass and the secondary purpose to provide music education to the youth of St. Catherine’s. We have three Youth Choirs, the Angel Choir, the Pueri Cantores Choir and the Chamber Choir. The Angel Choir is our Beginning choir made up of singers in grades K-2. The Angel Choir practices every Wednesday afternoon from 3:45-4:15 pm, and sings throughout the year, as well as Christmas Eve with the Pueri Cantores Choir. The Pueri Cantores Choir is our intermediate youth choir and is made up of singers in grades 3-6 . The Pueri Cantores Choir practices Wednesday afternoon from 5:30-6:25 and sings for Mass the second Saturday of each Month at the 4:30 pm Vigil Mass as well as Christmas Eve. The Chamber Choir is our advanced girls choir open to girls in grades 7-12.  The Chamber Choir practices weekly and sings for Mass the Second Sunday of each month at the Noon Mass as well as Christmas Eve. In addition to singing for Mass both the Pueri Cantores and Chamber Choirs also participate each year in the Archdiocesan Children’s Choir Festival. This is an excellent opportunity to sing with Children’s choirs from other parishes in the Archdiocese and experience a wider variety of repertoire.  For more information about any of the Youth Choirs, contact Charissa Saenz  at music.saenz@gmail.com or 678.385.9444


“The many voices of the organ and of instrumental ensembles, with their great range of expression, add varied and colorful dimensions to the song of the assembly, especially with the addition of harmonization.”  We are blessed to have highly talented advanced instrumentalists play at several Masses each week. They lend their talent to our services in a most beautiful and worshipful manner. If you are an advanced instrumentalist and are interested in joining us, please contact  Susan Pando for more information. Music.pando@gmail.com or 678.385.9444


“The cantor is both a singer and a leader of congregational song….the cantor may serve as psalmist, leading and proclaiming the verses of the Responsorial Psalm” (Sing to the Lord, 37 & 38).  The Cantor is one of the most important parts of the Musical offering in the Liturgy as he supports and leads the congregation and proclaims the word of God in Psalm and Acclamation. If you are an advanced vocalist and are interested in singing as cantor. Please contact Charissa Saenz for more information at Music.Saenz@gmail.com or 678.385.9444.

Traditional Spanish Choir

The Spanish Choir sings for the weekly Spanish Language Mass Sundays at 2:00 pm. We use traditional Spanish Liturgical Music and Instruments to create a beautiful atmosphere for our Liturgy. If you are interested in joining the Spanish Language Choir please contact Luis Guadarrama at guadarlu@bellsouth.net 404.808.3892 or Moises Lomell at moses2474@yahoo.com 404-207-3900 for the Spanish Evangelization Choir that sings on Tuesday evening mass at 7:00 pm.

Life Teen Band

The Life Teen Band plays weekly for the 5:00 PM Sunday Life Teen Mass. We incorporate reverent and relevant music using a variety of instruments and singers. We encourage any who are interested to contact us for more information. Life Teen Band is led by Jon Ferguson. If you are interested in joining, please contact Jon at jonf@stcatherinercc.org or 770-377-0586. Susan Pando, Music Director Susan Pando has been the organist at St. Catherine of Siena for the past ten  years and is currently serving as the Director of Music as well as the organist.  She has been an organist in Catholic Parishes for the past 33 years and has also been Director of Music previously in two Catholic Parishes. Susan has a Bachelor of Music Degree from Florida State University with the organ as her principle instrument. She grew up in Florida and has lived in Marietta for the past 26 years. Charissa Saenz, Liturgical Coordinator Charissa has been a member of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church for the past 4 years.  A lifelong beneficiary of Sacred Music she has a sincere appreciation for the beautiful polyphony, poignant chant and soul stirring text that can only be found in the Music meant for the Worship of Our Lord and is thrilled to be a part of creating Sacred Music at St. Catherine’s. Charissa studied Voice at The University of Alabama and lives in Kennesaw with her husband John and their three children.